The first journey of ROBERT BRINK

I would like to take you on a journey that started when I was very young at 17 years of age. I was working one hot summer day in a 12ft ditch hooking into a 12ich waterline to the street water line with my co-worker and best freind Chuck Rodhes .

Chuck was at the very end of the ditch and I was about 10 feet from him when all of a sudden the walls collapsed on top of me and completely buried me up to my head with one arm sticking out. Did not know till later that the asphalt dirt and sand had buried chuck up to his knees and all the shovels but one that was available for him to start digging himself out and rushing to my aid as quick as he could.

And on the other hand i could sense the amount of weight on my chest and realize the only thing that was keeping me breathing was my hard hat that dropped over my face and created an air pocket for me to breathe and scream for help. I continued to wave my hand as best I could do not seeing it or feeling it I knew I was doing something to keep chuck alert that I was still alive.

Then suddenly I came to my senses that I needed to conserve my air so I quit screaming which later chuck told me he thought I was dead and he speeded up his shoveling to get me out. Finally chuck got to my shoulders and hard hat and was able to shovel away the asphalt and dirt to where i could move my head and try to breathe normally. By now the fire trucks had arrived and started working in the ditch and trying to pull me out. I wasn’t a pretty sight since all the asphalt and dirt and sand had taken off just about all my skin off my face and and chest.

They told me they were putting a gurney behind my neck just in case the wall started to cave again. I told them bullshit you’re getting me out now so I started moving the dirt and gravel with both my hands as best I could but I was still stuck to the wall up to my waist in asphalt and dirt.
We ended up having to dig underneath my legs and putting a rope around into a knot and pull me out because of the weight of the dirt and asphalt was too much for two people to lift.

Finally out and on the way to Maryvale hospital. Still covered in mud dirt and asphalt only wearing a pair shorts and boots they’re trying to figure out what to do how to clean me up and check for broken bones. Started in with x-rays found out I had two broken ribs and to crash vertebrae’s in my back not bad compared to the amount of weight that come down on me. Then they tried me to sign a release form I could barely sign my name let alone think of what I was signing off on.

Still laying there on the bed, there trying to think of what to do with me next and how to clean me up without hurting my injuries. They decided to put me in a net and lower me down into a bathtub to wash off the dirt and asphalt that was still clinging onto me. At the time I thought this is going to be all right until they started lowering me down into the tub. Soon I start screaming like I was dying again, two doctors rush in and asked the nurse what type of soap she put in and you guessed it wrong kind. Pull me out of there and had to hand wash me down with a bucket and water just to get the soap off that was burning what skin I had left.

It seem like it took forever but they finally got me settle down and into a bed where I was resting, not knowing what I look like since they clean me up. Not feeling so great and kind of knowing that I’m in bad shape but when it all came together is when my mother stopped in and open the door and took one look at me and started crying then I knew I was in bad shape. Took a good nine months to a year for me to and get back to normal. It was amazing the skin grew back without scarring and my broken ribs healed up, but I still have two crushed vertebrae’s in my back for the rest of my life.

This is the first time that God has came down and touch me, Little did I know I would be tested three more times in my life. There’s not enough words to say how thankful I am of being here and able to write the first of 4 of stories .