B For Life is an organization composed of B For Life recipients, donor family members, and living donors. We grew out of the Arizona Kidney Foundations, and became our own 501 (c) (3) in 2002. We were originally established to assist B For Life recipients and donor families attend the National Kidney Foundations U.S. B For Life.

Mission Statement

To assist organ transplant recipients, donor families, and living donors with the costs associated with participation at the transplant games.

To encourage recipients to actively become involved with their own healthcare, through educational information, support groups, websites that improve the effectiveness of the B For Life process.

To promote organ and tissue donation by demonstrating the success of donation and B For Life.

To provide support of donor families and their experiences.


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B FOR LIFE Organization will be an important part of spreading the word just like the BEE’S thru education, registration for those who are in need of an organ transplantation and to end the fear and misunderstanding of organ donation.

B for life is a 501 C (3) NON-PROFIT new organization in the state of Arizona. 

2022 Charity Golf Tournament Benefitting